Sustainability is a complex web of interrelated issues and through experience we strive to demystify this concept and ensure that it informs the design process from the very beginning.

We work closely with our clients and project teams to identify simple measures that can be adopted to make a building or development more energy efficient before investigating more costly renewable technologies and micro generation. We see it as our responsibility to demonstrate that if energy considerate measures are integrated at early design stage they will pay for themselves through years of operational savings and increased return on investment.

ISA commitment to the environment is reflected in our business activities, we establish targets that are clear, practicable and economically sound, to achieve a progressive reduction in environmental impact. Fiona McNeill is the Associate with specific responsibility to ensure that we foster and promote the concepts of sustainable design and carry out our own activities in an environmentally conscious manner. Fiona has been awarded the RIAS Accreditation in Sustainable Architecture in recognition of her expertise in this field.