Ian Springford Architects: MyPlaceIan Springford Architects: MyPlace
Ian Springford Architects: MyPlace
Ian Springford Architects: MyPlace
Ian Springford Architects: MyPlace











Ian Springford Architects developed 'MyPlace.com' for Building Design Magazine's Small Hotel Competition.

The Myplace concept is that a hotel should be more than just some fancy gadgets in a room or a prestigious address. With Myplace, you and your friends define your own parameters and decide what, where and when your hotel should be.

Myplace is more than simply a hotel room though. Combining a crowdsourcing ethos with a social network style platform, a principal guest (the Owner) puts forward a proposal for the place and time and looks for Guests to back it. Once occupancy hits 100%, the project can become a reality and Myplace will assemble the hotel in the agreed location, ready for the guests’ arrival.

Myplace pods are fully prefabricated and can be delivered to any site in the world, ready for assembly to the user’s chosen configuration. Each pod measures 10m2 internally when open and will close into a compact shell, allowing 5 pods to be transported by one flat bed truck. Destinations are entirely user defined and pods can be arranged in to a variety of configurations, allowing the final ‘hotel’ to adapt completely to its guests’ mood and requirements. Pods can be singularly located or stacked and corralled using a simple scaffold system. In a stacked formation, the spaces between the pods act as public spaces, allowing guests to socialise if they wish.

When the pod reaches its destination, the living area slides out, and a ETFE membrane inflates to form a weather tight enclosure. The ETFE enclosure offers the guest the chance to be fully immersed in their surroundings; or, via the simple flick of a switch, cocooned in their own private world.


We've set up a new web site and company to develop our MyPlace concept further. Visit myplace-now.com for more information and to subscribe to our newsletter.


Shortlisted in Building Design Magazine Small Hotel: Rooms for Change competition.